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Area of Experties
Control & Automation
Most Reliable , fast, safe, easy operation of plant facilitating optimum productivity and efficiency giving desired mode and configurtion.
• Centralised- distributed opertion.
• Sequence of opertaion as programmed sequential, automatized / independent controls provided as required.
• Meeting all process staging, safety interlock & control requirements.
• Safe Trip- Stop Provisions.
Control & Automation Diagram
• Latest microprocessors / PLC based control panels with peripheral supports for computer based opertaion, display , and data acquisition.
• Conventional relay baesd control panel with mimic, annunciation system, parameter display & recording as desired by user.
You just give your plant layout/ flow diagram/ opertional requirements and we shall provide you the system exactly, which you need.

Control & Automation Diagram
• Design Developing logic diagram, hardware/ wiring diagram.
• Supply
• Synchronise and commission total control system Programmed/ Sequenced/ Automated & Coordinated to your plant requirements.