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Power Plant, Captive Co-generation & Utilities

Green and Brown Field Power Projects

• Thermal
• Non Conventional (Biomass Waste to Power/Mini Micro Hydel/Wind, Solar/others)

Technical Advisory Services
• Feasibility Studies
• Technology Selection
• Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
• Techno Economic Studies
• Project Financial Model, Cost Planning & Control
• Plant Performance Testing
• Preparation of Specs for any Package
• Optimization Studies
• Independent Engineer for performance Testing
• Assistance in Award of Contracts

Captive and Co-Generation
• Sugar
• Distillery
• Ethanol
• Paper & Pulp
• iron & Steel
• Cement
• Textile
• Chemical / Fertilizer
• Food / Pharma / Dairy
• Rubber
• Aluminium
• Other Process Industries

Owner's Engineering Services
• Tendering & Procurement
• Review and Approval of Contractor's Drawings / Documents
• Review of Manufacturer's Quality Plans
• Review of Field Quality Plans
• Participation in Technical Coordination Meetings
• Supervision of Construction, Erection and Commissioning
• Witnessing Shop Tests
• Witnessing Site Tests
• Approval of Change Orders
• Resolution of Disputes between Owner and Contractor
• Review of Contractor's Monthly Progress Reports
• Progress Monitoring & Information
• Overall Project Management
• Monthly Progress Reporting
• Witnessing Plant Performance Test
• Issue of Completion Certificate

Lender's Independent Engineer
• Review and Assessment of Project Documents
• Project Monitoring during Construction
• Plant Performance Testing
• Periodic Review of Plant Operations

• Plant Performance Testing
• Preparation of Specs for any Package
• Optimization Studies
• Independent Engineer for performance Testing
• Assistance in Award of Contracts

Front End Engineering
• Site Survey
• Soil Investigation
• Environment Impact Assessment Studies
• Disaster Management Studies
• Conceptual Designs
• Technology Selection
• Basic Systems Engineering
• Preparation of Specifications
• Evaluation of Tenders
• Assistance in Award of Contacts

Basic & Detail Engineering
• Preparation of Layout Drawings, Plot Plans, etc.
• Preparation of Flow Diagrams
• Single Line Diagrams/P&I Diagram/Mass/ Heat Balance, Equipment Sizing & Selection, Load Estimation
• Design Calculations
• Preparation of Civil Construction Drawings
• Foundation Design Analysis
• Structural Design Analysis
• Preparation of Specs for Bought Outs
• Evaluation of Tenders
• Assistance in Award of Contracts
• Preparation of LP Piping Layout Drawings
• Preparation of HP Piping Layout Drawings
• Flexibility Analysis
• Configuration of Block Diagrams
• Control Loop Diagrams
• Logic Diagrams
• Instrument Installation Drawings
• Electrical Drawings
• Cable Routing & Layout Drawings

• Plant Performance Testing
• Preparation of Specs for any Package
• Optimization Studies
• Independent Engineer for performance Testing
• Assistance in Award of Contracts

Co/Tri/Quad Generation Projects

The various industries whose requirements for Co Generation can be fulfilled by Tapsi include... Sugar >> Textiles >> Dairies >> Rubber >> Breweries >> Gas Turbines >> Paint Shops >> Glass Industry >> Fertiliser & Chemical Industries...

Consumer Advantages for Tri-Generation!

• Generation at Consumption End
• Reduced Transmission Losses
• Reduced Distribution Facilities
• Very High Efficiency
• Minimal Payback Periods
• Energy Conservation
• Environment Friendly

Tri-Generation System can be Economically Attractive for...
Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Data Centres, Nursing Homes, Super Markets, Retail Stores, Theatres, Airports, Golf / Country Clubs, Colleges & Universities, Govt. Facilities, Hotels, Refrigerated Warehouses, Restaurants, Resorts, Manufacturing Units.Trigenerations “ Super Efficiancy ” exceeds all other available
power and energy techonologies for utilities and industries

Waste Heat Recovery Based Projects

The various industries whose requirements for Waste
Heat Recovery can be fulfilled by Tapsi include...
Gas Engine Exhaust >> Diesel Generator Exhaust >> Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln Exhaust >> Steel Furnace Waste Heat >> Coke Oven Gas >> Industrial Waste Gases >> Fertiliser Plant Waste Heat

Typical Waste Heat Temperatures
Nickel Refining Furnace
Aluminum Refining Furnace
Zinc Refining Furnace
Copper Refining Furnace
Steel Heating Furnace
Copper Reverberatory Furnace
Open Hearth Furnace
Cement Kiln (Dry Process)
Glass Melting Furnace
Hydrogen Plants
Solid Waste Incinerators
Fume Incinerators
Gas Turbine Exhaust
Diesel Generator Exhaust
Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln Exhaust
(in Deg. C)
1370 - 1650
650 - 760
760 - 1100
760 - 815
925 - 1050
900 - 1100
650 - 700
620 - 730
1000 - 1550
650 - 1000
650 - 1000
650 - 1450
370 - 540
300 - 600
800 - 1000
Pollution Control Board Guidelines Limit Gas Emissions at Controlled Temperatures. Cooling every metre cube of Waste Gases is a big cost to the industry. And if you use these Waste Gases for Waste Heat Based Generation, you can add 1 MINR per 10 metre cube per minute per 500 Deg C Waste Heat Utilised.

Waste Heat Recovery Based Generation has been the key to the success of the Sponge Iron Industry in the recent past. If you have not set up Waste Heat Generation, you are losing over 750 INR per tonne of Sponge Iron produced!

Tapsi can provide a Single Point Turnkey Solution for Waste Heat Recovery Based Power Generation and FBC Boiler Based Captive for Sponge Iron Projects. We have the best mix of American, German, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese and a combination other International Technologies to meet Customers' Technical and Budgetary requirements.


Energy Audit & Efficiency Improvement Services

Expertise to carry out Energy Audits on...

• Boilers
• Co-Generation facilities
• Waste Heat Recovery System
• Material and Energy balances of Process Plants
• Pumping Systems
• Compressed Air Systems

• Power Generating Stations
• Milling & Grinding Circuits
• Cooling Towers
• Power Transmission & Distribution Systems
• Commercial Buildings
• Factories & Process Industries

Energy Audit methodology involves...
• Identification of all Energy Systems
• Evaluation of the condition of the systems
• Analysis of the impact of improvements to those systems
• Preparation of an Energy Audit Report

·         Preliminary Audit

o   To prioritise energy efficiency objects and determine the need for a more detailed audit

·         General / Detailed Audit

o   To identify all energy conservation measures appropriate for the facility given its operating parameters. A detailed financial analysis is performed for each measure based on detailed implementation cost estimates, site-specific operating cost savings, and the customer's investment criteria. Sufficient detail is provided to justify project implementation.

·         Investment-Grade Audit

o   To provide a dynamic model, energy use characteristics of both existing facility and all energy conservation measures are identified. This gives guaranteed savings from the implementation of energy projects. This grade of audit can also be used for the purpose of Benching by Regulators or a certain Regulator's Benching Compliance.

Energy Audits for Thermal Power Stations
• Boiler Performance
• Fans Performance
• Pulveriser Performance
• Air Heater Performance
• Turbine Heat Rate Test
• Condenser Performance
• H.P. / I.P. / L.P. Turbine Enthalpy Drop Test
• Cooling Tower Performance
• H.P. / L.P. Feed Heater Performance


R & M and Rehabilitation Projects

Renovation & Modernisation (R&M)
• Residual Life Assessment Studies (RLA) for Life Extension (LE)
• Preparation of RLA / LE Report
• Approval of Report
• Preparation of Technical Specs for carrying out R&M Works
• Evaluation of Tenders
• Award of Contract for R&M Works
• Review of R&M Drawings / Documents submitted by the R&M Contractor(s)
• Supervision of R&M Works at Site
• Guarantee Performance Testing
• Completion Report

Efficiency Improvements of Thermal Power Plants
• Optimisation of Pulveriser and Firing System
• Water-Steam-Cycle
• Thermodynamical examination and Heat Rate Optimisation
• Adjustments of Flue Gas Exit Temperatures for Unit Heat Rate Optimisation
• Performance Measurement by Instrument Accuracy
• Condenser Performance Improvement
• Auxiliary Power Optimisation
• Performance Improvement by Correct Application of Thermal Kit / Correction Curves
• R&M based Efficiency Improvements

Non-Destructive Testing
• Visual Inspection
• Hardness Measurement
• Dye Penetration Tests
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
• Ultrasonic Shear Wave Inspection
• Ultrasonic Hydrogen Scale Measurement
• Etching for Seam Weld Locations
• Radio Graphic Testing
• Metallography In-Situ and Replication
• Eddy Current Testing
• In-Situ Oxide Scale Thickness
• In-Situ Chemical Analysis
• Tube Sample Evaluations
• Remote Internal Visual Examination (Fibroscopy)
• Natural Frequency Measurement & Steam Path Audit (Turbine)
• Borosonic Testing of Rotor Shaft 

Destructive Testing
• Measurement of Mechanical properties
• Micro-Biological / Bio-Chemical Analysis
• Scanning Electron Microscopy
• Creep / Stress Rupture Testing
• X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

Our R&M / LE Approach & Methodology
• Hot and Cold Walkdown Surveys
• Review of Plant History and Operation Records
• Visual Inspection of Components / Equipment / Structure / Foundation
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Destructive Testing on Samples
• Evaluation and Analysis of Results
• Root Cause Analysis
• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Conformance to Applicable Codes and Standards
• Recommendations

Electrical Testing
• DC High Voltage Test for Stator Winding
• IR Value
• Polarisation Index (PI)
• Tan Delta
• ELCID Test (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test)
• RSO Test (Digital Recurrent Surge Oscillograph Test)
• Power Transformers (Transformer Winding / Insulating Oil / Paper Insulation / On Load Tap Charger [OLTC])
• Furan Test
• Circuit Breakers Operation Time
• Relays / Timers
• HT / LT Bus Bar and Bus Duct Insulation
• CT / PTS Rating
• Earth Resistance Measurement
• Hot Spot by Thermovision Technique
• HT Cables Tan Delta, IR
• ESP Electricals Field Energising
• DC Resistance

“ Just provide the finances and leave the rest to us! Just give us the go-ahead and rest assured! ”