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Energy Audit & Efficiency Improvement Services  | R & M and Rehabilitation Projects
Energy Audit & Efficiency Improvement Services
Expertise to carry out Energy Audits on...
• Boilers
• Co-Generation facilities
• Waste Heat Recovery System
• Material and Energy balances of Process Plants
• Pumping Systems
• Compressed Air Systems
• Power Generating Stations
• Milling & Grinding Circuits
• Cooling Towers
• Power Transmission & Distribution Systems
• Commercial Buildings
• Factories & Process Industries
Energy Audit methodology involves...
• Identification of all Energy Systems
• Evaluation of the condition of the systems
• Analysis of the impact of improvements to those systems
• Preparation of an Energy Audit Report
Preliminary Audit
To prioritise energy efficiency objects and determine the need for a more detailed audit
General / Detailed Audit
To identify all energy conservation measures appropriate for the facility given its operating parameters. A detailed financial analysis is performed for each measure based on detailed implementation cost estimates, site-specific operating cost savings, and the customer's investment criteria. Sufficient detail is provided to justify project implementation.
Investment-Grade Audit
To provide a dynamic model, energy use characteristics of both existing facility and all energy conservation measures are identified. This gives guaranteed savings from the implementation of energy projects. This grade of audit can also be used for the purpose of Benching by Regulators or a certain Regulator's Benching Compliance.
Energy Audits for Thermal Power Stations
• Boiler Performance
• Fans Performance
• Pulveriser Performance
• Air Heater Performance
• Turbine Heat Rate Test
• Condenser Performance
• H.P. / I.P. / L.P. Turbine Enthalpy Drop Test
• Cooling Tower Performance
• H.P. / L.P. Feed Heater Performance