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Waste Heat Recovery Based Projects
Waste Heat
The various industries whose requirements for Waste
Heat Recovery can be fulfilled by Tapsi include...
Gas Engine Exhaust >> Diesel Generator Exhaust >> Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln Exhaust >> Steel Furnace Waste Heat >> Coke Oven Gas >> Industrial Waste Gases >> Fertiliser Plant Waste Heat
Typical Waste Heat Temperatures
Nickel Refining Furnace
Aluminum Refining Furnace
Zinc Refining Furnace
Copper Refining Furnace
Steel Heating Furnace
Copper Reverberatory Furnace
Open Hearth Furnace
Cement Kiln (Dry Process)
Glass Melting Furnace
Hydrogen Plants
Solid Waste Incinerators
Fume Incinerators
Gas Turbine Exhaust
Diesel Generator Exhaust
Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln Exhaust
(in Deg. C)
1370 - 1650
650 - 760
760 - 1100
760 - 815
925 - 1050
900 - 1100
650 - 700
620 - 730
1000 - 1550
650 - 1000
650 - 1000
650 - 1450
370 - 540
300 - 600
800 - 1000
Pollution Control Board Guidelines Limit Gas Emissions at Controlled Temperatures. Cooling every metre cube of Waste Gases is a big cost to the industry. And if you use these Waste Gases for Waste Heat Based Generation, you can add 1 MINR per 10 metre cube per minute per 500 Deg C Waste Heat Utilised.

Typical Waste Heat
Waste Heat Recovery Based Generation has been the key to the success of the Sponge Iron Industry in the recent past. If you have not set up Waste Heat Generation, you are losing over 750 INR per tonne of Sponge Iron produced!
Tapsi can provide a Single Point Turnkey Solution for Waste Heat Recovery Based Power Generation and FBC Boiler Based Captive for Sponge Iron Projects. We have the best mix of American, German, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese and a combination other International Technologies to meet Customers' Technical and Budgetary requirements.